Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Wendy Wants~ by Nikki Sex

After thirteen years of marriage and three children, Wendy Hayward is bored with sex.
As much as she loves her husband, Frank, Wendy married "Mr. Vanilla." Now she reads nothing but erotic romance on her Kindle and fantasizes about having sex with fictional characters, complete strangers, and tattooed rock stars. Sometimes even the T.V. weatherman looks good.

One fateful day however, her husband grabs the wrong Kindle on the way to work, and discovers some of Wendy's more "interesting' fantasies. Unbeknownst to Wendy, Frank is very keen to fulfill every one of her secret desires. . .


"You smell so good… I might just eat you right up," he drawled, pressing one denim clad thigh in between her legs. That hard male leg rocked against her, rubbing her tender cleft.

Wendy moaned as she struggled to absorb the spike of pleasure that rolled through her. It was just as well that the Marshall had a good hold of her because she would have sunk right to the floor at that point. She felt boneless after that seductive touch.

Melting, Wendy surrendered completely.

There was no need for choice or decision. This man had total power and control, while she had none. Why did that send a joyous thrill of happiness through her? Captured, constrained, all Wendy could do was feel.

Surrendering completely, a delicious sensation of freedom moved her.

Hand cupping her jaw, he pulled her face toward him. He held Wendy there for a moment, his shrewd brown eyes looking right through her. What did he see, looking at her so intimately? Did he have any idea just how much he turned her on? How much she wanted him?

Author Bio:
Hey there, I'm Nikki Sex and I write adult romance and erotica.

Yes, you are of course correct, that isn't my real name. I'm a complete coward where my mother is concerned. The "OMG what would Mom think?" is still sitting right there in the back of my mind like another conscience (only an extremely prudish one!) Luckily my mother is in denial. She still thinks I was a virgin when I got married.
I am also a sucker for romance and Happy Ever After, so no matter how dark my stories get, fear not. It always all works out.

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